Social Impact

Our Goal

The Tejas Opportunity Group is focusing on investments that create a positive social impact in society. We want to create significant change in our communities to better those in need now and also for future generations to come.

Fundacion Educo

Fundacion Educo is a social impact foundation that the Bezanilla Family Office helped to create. The purpose of the foundation is to provide scholarships and assistance to students in financial need in order to help them continue their education. The foundation also finds students in Guadalajara and across Mexico, and pairs them with universities where they can continue to learn and excel.

Pleasant Grove NOW

Pleasant Grove NOW is our current project that we are focused on generating a social impact in. Pleasant Grove NOW is apart of the Grow South initiative started by the City of Dallas in order to create positive change and grow South Dallas.

Artesanos de la Educación  &  Educational Specialist Consultant

"Artesanos de la Educación" is an educational platform to train trainers for the education of the new humanity. Integration of models, methodologies and concepts where we will find tools to accompany educational content. Aimed at teachers, parents and business leaders.

We transform models into three lines of action: art, education and health by raising awareness