Maria Bezanilla was one of the founding partners of “Centro Escolar Santander”. Mrs. Bezanilla was President of the school which included grades Pre-K through Elementary. Mrs. Bezanilla worked and served as President for more than 6 years. After founding “Centro Escoloar Santander”, Mrs. Bezanilla began to shift her focus to social impact work.

Mrs. Bezanilla became a founding member of Fundacion Educo where she currently serves as the foundations CEO. The purpose of the foundation is to provide scholarships and assistance to students in financial need in order to help them continue their education. The foundation also finds students in Guadalajara and across Mexico, and pairs them with universities where they can continue to learn and excel.   

Mrs. Bezanilla has become a prominent figure for education throughout Mexico. Mrs. Bezanilla currently host conferences and gives many important speeches on educational topics. 

Mrs. Bezanilla graduated with a degree in Educational Science from ITESO (instituto tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente) in Guadalajara, Jalisco