Jay Lispscomb

Jay Lipscomb has been in the insurance industry since 1982 when he joined his father in his firm Forrest F. Lipscomb & Co., Inc. after graduating from college. At that time, this agency sold and serviced insurance products designed primarily for the cotton industry to clients located both domestically and abroad.

In 1992, through the acquisition of multiple insurance agencies in and around the Dallas area, Jay along with this father and brother established the Lipscomb Insurance Group, Inc. This followed several years of rapid and pronounced consolidation in both the cotton and insurance industries  creating the need to both diversify the firm’s client base and increase the volume of business placed with the insurance companies they represent. There have been additional acquisitions of agencies since that time.

Jay’s primary focus is handling the marine/ocean cargo/storage risks for clients, especially as respects those handling and trading of commodities. He also oversees the financial operations for the organization.

Jay has been an active member at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church since his childhood. He is also actively involved at the Episcopal School of Dallas.