Emilio Bezanilla

Emilio Bezanilla began his professional career as Deputy Director of Promotion of Sociedad Bursátil Mexicana in Mexico City. Mr. Bezanilla was in charge of the reopening of Probursa (former BBVA Bancomer) Casa de Bolsa as Vice President and was also the Regional Director of Afin Casa de Bolsa. Mr. Bezanilla served in Guadalajara as President of the Mexican Association of Brokerage Houses and as President of the Institute for Stock Exchange Executives dedicated to the training of Stock Exchange Executives (B.M.V.). In 1992, Mr. Bezanilla began working at Promotores y Consultores Profin, S.A. de C.V., a company dedicated to give financial consultancy.

After the crisis of 1994, Mr. Bezanilla started with the Mortgage Loan Promoter (Sofol) as President, and in mid-1995 he formed the self-financing company Consorcio CasaFin S.A. of C.V. . Mr. Bezanilla currently holds the position of President. Mr. Bezanilla was also President of IMEF Grupo Guadalajara and founder of AMAPSA. Mr. Bezanilla has been a counselor for several companies and service institutions such as: DESEM; clubs like University Club and Rotary; foundations and universities as I.T.E.S.O. and U.P. in Guadalajara.

Mr. Bezanilla currently serves as the Executive President of the Casafin Group and Chairman of the Board in several companies including Consorcio CasaFin, Bezanilla Alvarez y Asociados, Lomas del Puerto, Jardines de la Ladera, Promotora Globe, Abedules Country Club, and Zur Industriales; partner and director of Grupo Crediexpress, Surfax, Sociedad Financiera Popular La Paz among other companies.

Mr. Bezanilla graduated from the Universidad del Valle de México and graduated in Business Management AD-2 at I.P.A.D.E