Emilio Bezanilla

Emilio Bezanilla, CEO of Consorcio Casafin, S.A. De C.V. , has over 26 years of experience as real estate full services, financial and investment advisory. His professional background has been focused on wealthy relations between different family offices, boards and trust companies.  He is also board of directors of a several companies and industries including Financing, Hospitality (Hotels), Industrial, Real Estate and Fundraising sectors.  He has served as Comercial Director of Mortgage Financing and Capital Business. Part of his professional expertise began in Industrias Salver, S.A. De C.V. as a export manager for Asia and Europe. 

Mr. Bezanilla has received numerous awards for his business experience, including the prestigious 2006 “World Leader Business Person Award” by World Confederation of Business. 

Mr. Bezanilla obtained his B.A of International Business Administration in the European University of Belgium (1995) then another Bachelor of International Commerce in the Technology Institute of Monterrey (1996) and his Postgraduate degree in MBA Master in the IPADE Executive Business School (2003). He is also fluent in English and Spanish.