Tejas Opportunity Fund

Investment Opportunities

Capital Allocation

Real Estate & Social Impact Investing for Latin American Influenced Businesses

Our Fund

Investment Highlights

Tejas Capital Fund investments intends to infiltrate diversified verticals including Real Estate and Social Impact Investments for Latin American influenced companies.

The capital will be issued in the form of both equity and debt, with structural engineering that is accretive to all parties of the Fund as well as the receiving entities.

Maintaining integrity and trustworthiness will be at the epicenter of all transactions and portfolio relationships.

Differentiators / Success Drivers

(*) Vast Real Estate resources & knowledge

(*) Operational & Financial expertise

(*) Disciplined approach to downside protection

(*) Non-auctioned, negotiated transactions

(*) Proprietary sourcing results in better pricing and terms

(*) Broad transactional capabilities

Fund Management Team

G. Michael Lawshe

Emilio    Bezanilla

Dallas Groth

Lynda Davey