Bezanilla Family Office

Firm History

Since 1995 the Bezanilla Family has helped create projects, programs, and portfolios to meet long-term financial goals. The company Consorcio Casafin was created because of the vision that our President Emilio Bezanilla had in order to find unique markets and financial solutions.

Consorcio Casafin also known as Grupo Casafin derived from the financial crisis prevalent in Mexico at the time. During this period self-financing became a large source of financing for citizens across the country.

From 2001 to 2010 the Bezanilla Family company began to expand their operations from the financing industry into the real estate industry. This included the buying and selling of land, urban development projects, housing promoters, and marketing/financing similar properties.

Today the company still maintains their financial side of the business along with now a separate branch focusing on real estate. In addition, the company is still expanding and is beginning to be involved as a reputable player in the oil and gas space.

Self-financing Portfolio Managers

  • Over 12,000 clients with portfolio's all over Mexico and 35 locations across the country

  • Regulated by the Secretary of Economy and operating in the guidelines of the Bank of Mexico

Casafin Inmobiliaria Industrial

  • Division of Casafin oriented around industrial real estate development

  • Example of completed work: Tala Industrial Park, Parque Industrial CIMEG

Casafin Real Estate

  • Division of Casafin focusing on urban and residential real estate projects

  • Projects include: Abedules Country Club, Hacienda Santa Anita, Residencial Santa Anita, Condominio La Pradera in Las Cañadas Country Club, Residencial Flamingos, and more.

  • In total over 1,100 houses have been built and over 1,200 lots developed

Casafin Hotel Division

  • Built and own Hotel Expo Inn Guadalajara

  • Section of operations within the real estate division focusing on hotel development

  • Partial ownership in over 200 rooms at various hotels

  • Awaiting permits for more locations


  • New division of Casafin focusing in the oil & gas space

  • The company has received rights to market petroleum products by the Secretary of Energy

  • In the middle of logistics in order to begin selling various hydrocarbon products such as gasoline and jet fuel to customers

Private Banking and Financial Services

  • The Bezanilla Family Office was apart of two Non Bank Bank Financial Institutions (NBFI)

  • The company served as broker dealers and represented GE Capital

  • Currently they have partial ownership in Nueva GC Express which is apart of Grupo Financiero Invex

Private Realty

  • Cava San Miguel developing a private gated community centered around a vineyard just 15 minutes outside of San Miguel, Mexico

  • The community will be a perfect place for vacation and will feature amenities oriented around wine tasting and outdoor activities such as tennis, swimming, and more

  • Construction is underway and the project is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2020

  • There will be 84 lots that are all roughly 3,500 mts2 each (approximately 0.8 of an acre)

P3 Partnership

  • A public–private partnership is a cooperative arrangement between two or more public and private sectors, typically of a long-term nature

  • The company worked with the government of the State of Jalisco, by combining money from the government, Casafin and other Private Equity firms

  • Together they built 300 homes

Fundacion Educo

  • The Bezanilla Family Office has helped create the Fundacion Educo

  • A foundation created to help provide scholarships and educational resources to students in economic need

  • The foundation aids students primarily in Guadalajara but also all over Mexico

Our Guadalajara Team

Emilio Bezanilla Sr.

President & Executive Board Member

Emilio Bezanilla Jr.

CEO & Executive Board Member

Maria Bezanilla

CEO Educo & Executive Board Member